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Dear Parent,

Welcome! It is a privilege to welcome you and your child to our practice of pediatric dental care. We desire to help children. Starting your children with proper dental care will allow them to keep a healthy mouth throughout life.

Important Documents

Please complete the Health History form and after reading the Notice of Information Practices, complete the HIPAA Privacy forms; Permission to Discuss Protected Health Information (PHI), and Use and Disclosure of PHI Consent before your child’s visit. (These documents are so important, we can see your child only when they are completed and signed.) The forms provide valuable information and grant parent consent for care.

Wise Preparation for Your Child

A few days before your appointment, talk with your child about the visit in the same way you would talk about going to school. The visit will last over an hour. Here’s what to expect:
Your child will meet such friends as Mr. Mirror and Mrs. Sunshine and see how our cool tools work.
Dr. McCorkle will count (examine) your child’s teeth.

  • Your child may have pictures (x-rays) taken of the teeth.
  • Your dental assistant may clean your child’s teeth and apply fluoride.
  • You will learn how preventive measures and eating choices will improve your child’s smile.
  • Most important, avoid such negatives as “shot,” “drill,” “needle,” or “it won’t hurt.” Instead, reassure your child that he or she can be a good helper even in a new or challenging situation.
  • Dental visits create anxiety for children, just as they do for many adults. But since we are patient and understanding, your child can have a relaxed and pleasant visit with us. We will give your child lots of praise and TLC.

The Vital Role of Parents

At least one parent or guardian and completed health history and HIPAA privacy forms must accompany your child to the visit. Treatment recommendations and subsequent visits will be discussed. Depending on your child’s needs, the fee for this visit varies from $98 to $240. Payment or co-payment is appreciated at the time of this visit. Please notify us in the event of a change in your schedule to avoid a no-show fee.

Feel free to call if you have any questions.

Sincerely yours,
Allen D. McCorkle, D.D.S. and Staff

Enclosures: Health History Form; HIPAA Privacy forms, Notice of Information Practices, Permission to Discuss Protected Health Information (PHI), and Use and Disclosure of PHI Consent; Appointment Reservation; Welcome Brochure

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