Aesthetic Restorative Care

Aesthetic Restorative Care: Children benefit with Aesthetic Dental Restoration

Dr. McCorkle offers aesthetic restorative dental care for children to ensure that kids have a beautiful smile. Children have higher self-esteem when they have teeth that look and feel healthy. Dr. McCorkle understands how to manage a child’s emotions, behavior and comfort.

Keeping primary teeth until they are lost naturally helps the permanent teeth erupt correctly.  A child will need some of their deciduous teeth until the age of 11 to 13 years.

Rather than covering a decayed or injured incisor with metal or removing it from the child’s mouth, it is essential to give it a natural appearance.  A child’s exuberant beautiful smile is contagious, especially to family and friends.

Placing stainless steel crowns on a children’s molar teeth is often necessary and acceptable.  Stainless steel crowns for primary molars offer protection against future decay and are an excellent value since they are more durable and less costly than large fillings.

Dr. McCorkle recommends:

  • Keeping primary teeth until they are lost naturally.   
  • Natural-looking dental fillings.

Reasons For Needing Aesthetic Full Mouth Restorative Care:  Young children seldom require a full mouth restoration, but when they do, it is vital to contact a pediatric dentist.  

Full mouth restoration may be needed for these reasons:

  • Genetic abnormalities.
  • Night or Nap time feeding.
  • Serious facial trauma.
  • Long-term illness.
  • Caries promoting eating habits.
  • Ineffective Oral hygiene.
  • Fluoride deficiency.

Restoring a child’s decayed and broken teeth to a full and pleasing smile is invaluable.  It requires an accurate diagnosis, with radiographs and photographs, and in consultation with you,  a plan needs to be prepared.  It is amazing to see the improved attitude and eating enjoyment for children after their teeth are restored to health.  

Premature Loss of Primary Teeth: Unfortunately, sometimes there is no alternative to losing a primary tooth early.  When this occurs, Dr. McCorkle will prepare some options and recommendations for you to consider to help the permanent teeth erupt as well as possible.

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