Sedation Dentistry

Sedation w/Local Anesthesia

Reducing Anxiety:

 For children, a dental visit can be stressful since the experience is new and unknown.  However, this entire experience may be improved through the combination of dental sedation and local anesthesia. Due to the fear and anxiety that comes with the thought of dental procedures, Dr McCorkle offers sedation dentistry so your child can receive excellent dental care and grow emotionally.  The purpose of sedation is to reduce anxiety, improve comfort and enhance safety through reduced movement.  

Maximizing Safety:

 The sedation used depends on the demands of the procedures and the health and emotional status of your child.  Before administering any sedation, your child’s health status will be updated and confirmed.  The length of the dental procedures will affect the sedative technique selected.  Several factors will be used to determine the medication and dosage to administer.

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