Features of Your Child’s Visit

Preventive Re-Care visits encourage healthy habits and attitudes to grow with healthy teeth, prevent decay, learn preventive dental care, and grow calm and brave. They allow us to find problems early and keep them from becoming extensive problems.

Usually preventive visits are scheduled every six months. Occasionally an interval of three to 12 months may be suggested. We mail reminder cards to your child, or you may schedule your next visit while you are at the office.

Examination Procedures

During the exam, the facial form, musculature, the bite, structures of the neck, oral mucosa, gums and teeth are evaluated.

X-rays may be beneficial. Which x-rays are taken depends on your child’s needs. We only take x-rays when the benefit your child receives far outweighs the risk. We use a high-speed digital sensor and lead shielding so that the radiation your child receives is very small. The dose is so low that potentially harmful results have been impossible to detect for dental x-rays in several studies.

Sanitary Procedures

Thorough infection control procedures to avoid spreading illnesses are used to protect your child. Let your child know that this is why we wear a face mask, gloves, protective glasses, aprons and a coat. Our procedures are constantly being updated according to the American Dental Association and the Center for Disease Control.

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